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The National Congress

National Congress is the supreme authority of CSPP, which meets every four years, with delegates elected through democratic consultations from provincial societies at provincial, regional and municipal levels or from national science and technology institutions.

Seven National Congresses have been held since the foundation of the CSPP. The latest one, the 7th Congress, was held from Apr. 6-8, 2002. A new council was elected and a revised version of the CSPP Constitution was adopted at this Congress.


The Council

The Council is elected at the National Congress from candidates nominated by Associated Societies or by nominating bodies of national science and technology institutions in proportion to the size of their membership. It meets once a year and is the supreme authority of CSPP when the National Congress is closed.


The Standing Committee

The Standing Committee is composed of President, Vice-Presidents, Secretary-General and other members elected on the Council. It exercises authorities when the Council is not in session.

The new leadership of the CSPP was elected at its 7th CSPP Congress, which closed on 8 April 2002.

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